My 5 Favorite (FREE!) Stock Photography Sites

If you've ever tried to design anything ever, you know the difficulty of finding good, high-quality, and free stock photography to use for your projects. I like to do a ton of research and prep for anything I work on, and I've found a ton of stock photography sites over time. So I decided to share my 5 favorite sites with you all, because we all know how big a pain stock photography is. Enjoy, and please share if you don't mind!

By far my FAVORITE stock photography site. Unlike most stock sites, Unsplash is more than just a search bar. You can still search, or just scroll through the trending photos, if those don't work you can browse the collections curated by users or featured collections of certain users. (I personally LOVE this collection by The Noun Project.

Not only does Pixabay have a HUGE library of photos, they also offer stock videos and vectors as well. They also offer an app that you can use to get photos directly on your phone. I love Pixabay because, compared to most sites I use, it has a huge library of images.

The quality of pictures on Kaboom is INSANE, probably because the photographer (Karolina) has taken them all herself. Another huge plus is that you can search by the usuals such as keywords, but you can also search by color, orientation, and photoshoots. 

Similar to, Jay releases his own photography to his tumblr blog for free download. Although Jay doesn't post a ton, or consistently, it's worth checking out the site. It's like the saying "Quality over Quantity." 

Names can be deceiving, and Death to Stock is just that. The site is more like a reimagining of stock photography. All you have to do is enter your e-mail and every few weeks you'll receive a collection of themed photos. So far I've received 3 packs of photos, each with about 8+ photos in them, all completely free!

Honorable Mention:

Creative Market is a online store where users buy and sell all kinds of assets and tools. From fonts to photography, and mockups to vectors. The reason I've included it as an honorable mention is because every week (beginning anew on Monday) they release 6 free goods. So it's not entirely stock photography, but sometimes one of the free goods will be a set of photos!

Nathaniel Hutcheson