Mercury Campaign


Mercury is a senior level design class, in which students spend an entire semester building a campaign around a given brand. This year we were told to brand and create a campaign for Mercury Athleisure. The only requirements for the project were that it had to be athleisure, and that all students must use the voted upon logo for their project.

I decided to do some research for my brand and found what consumers wanted in a brand. From that research I found that authenticity, engaging content, and brand personality were major qualities that people looked for in brands they liked. I built my idea around this research, and ended up deciding to build a brand that would emphasize event and experiential marketing techniques; such as, hosting concerts, putting on marathons, or having pop-up shops in major cities. These events would be supplemented by out-of-home ads, digital ads, and site / app interactions.

At the end of the semester students would present their campaigns to a board of professionals from Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN. This is my campaign and how I choose to approach the project of Mercury. You can check out a few sample images, and view my final presentation below.