Nathaniel Hutcheson
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My parents named me Nathaniel, but people usually call me Nate (the Great). I'm Wisconsin born, Kentucky raised, and the world is where I want to live.

Millennial, Ravenclaw, and Creative. I'm an avid learner, innovative worker, and constant competitor who pursues opportunities that offer me a chance to grow as a creative and person. 

I have a knack for ideation, making people laugh, and drinking too much coffee. When I'm not working or creating I enjoy going to conferences and talks, exploring museums, and cheering on my alma mater. (#GoTops)


Sometimes I blog about design and advertising. Sometimes I blog about what I'm listening to on Spotify. Sometimes I blog just because I feel like it.


Experience / Resume

I've previously served with the Public Relations team for WKU's Campus Activities Board, and as a volunteer intern for the WKU Street Team. Afterwards I began work at The Herald, my alma mater's award-winning newspaper, as a graphic designer and member of the advertising team. I spent the next summer abroad, studying graphic design and working with VCCP as part of a co-op internship in Berlin, Germany. There I designed, planned, and pitched my own campaign ideas to the creative director for clients Spotify and ING DiBa

During my senior year I joined the Department of Student Affair's Student Production Team. That May I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, focused in Interactive Experience Design, and a minor in Graphic Design.

I'm currently doing freelance graphic design while searching for a full time position.

Although I began with a focus on UI / UX design, these varied experiences have made me a creative that loves working with and learning from collaborators and coworkers. I'm enthusiastic, determined, organized, charismatic, and curious. 


A small selection of some of my previous work. This collection includes work from internships and jobs, classes and projects, and other works exploring my own skill and creativity.

If you'd like to see some other things I've worked on you can click here. There you can find more professional work, personal work, traditional art, photography, videography, and whatever other random projects I happen to get into!

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Let's talk, coffee (or beer) on me?

Looking for a freelance designer? Looking to hire someone passionate about advertising? Looking for a savvy social media manager? Looking for a creative that enjoys research and copywriting? Send me a message, e-mail with the address below, or call/text me at 270 792 6210!

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